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Thank you for stopping by & checking out my page. Since covid, like most people, I was struggling to see the good in any situation. I felt lost with no sense of purpose or will to give effort into anything at all. Just when I thought there was no hope in sight- Tik Tok came along and I discovered the holy grail of booktok! Growing up as an only child, books would sometimes be my only source of entertainment- so it was like reuniting with an old friend.

A fire was lit and hasn't extinguished yet. I find peace, freedom and overwhelming joy when I get to experience so many different lives through the words of others. Every single day I want to BOW DOWN to all the authors I come across because I'm *legit* mind blown that such talent like that exists. It’s inspiring and beautiful and encouraging and uplifting and all I can think is how THANKFUL I am they decided to share their brilliant minds with us.

Passion- it's hard to come by and even harder to keep but you'll never obtain it if you never try. Reading and writing has given me wings to fly and for the longest time the fear of falling prevented me from sharing my ideas, my work, my thoughts but I think I am ready to jump off that cliff & spread my wings. (Cheesy? You have no idea.)

While social media and the web can be more destructive than not and I am a millennial which means I am not familiar with all the tricks and trades of the digital world today-  I am still super pumped to have multiple platforms to be able to express myself while hopefully helping others find what I had once lost.

Recently, I had someone tell me that you don't have to be good at something for you to call it your hobby.




You can still tell people you ski even if you are horrible at it.


Who is going to stop you?

The answer: NO ONE.

This one comment completely changed my life perspective, in more ways than one.

Do what makes you happy, what feels right- no matter how others view it because the only person whose opinion actually matters, is your own.

So with that being said, if you are looking for a friend to discuss your new hottest book boyfriend or help you countdown to when the next volume of your favorite series comes out- please reach out! I am hoping that above all, I gain a community of people who like me, say no to social plans for a good hardcover! A place of support, respect & an understanding that we share our reviews and sentiments because it brings us happiness & that's all that really matters, right? Finding light in the universe when sometimes it only seems vastly dark.

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